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Gardening is a huge part of my life.  As a professional horticulturist I am very excited to share some of the interesting garden activites and adventures here at Fairy Knob Farm.
I was able to get three Victoria Red grapes.  These are a new variety of grape that are being grafted onto root stock that is Pierce's Disease resistant.  I am very excited to be part of the trial for these new grapes. 

I have some amazing photos of a rare species of a tiny iris that is a native of Central Texas that is growing here on the farm and bloomed this spring.
I have some rare tropical crinum lilies, Crinum asiaticum var. procerum  I am very excited about propagating.
I have some common Bilbergia that has me totally facinated. 
And I have planted some uncommon pomegranites (given to me by Bob Whitney) to see if there is a better variety for Central Texas then the old standby 'Wonderful'.  Who just isn't all that.
I have tons of herbs and I love using them as much as I love growing them. 

(Pictures to be added soon.)